Renewable energy

AXOR’s expertise in designing, financing, and building large-scale projects meets the challenges posed by today’s growing energy needs.

Working in concert with local communities, AXOR plays a role in regional development across Canada.

AXOR is actively working for the good of future generations.

Developing the energy infrastructure of the future


An independent producer of renewable energy, AXOR owns and operates eight power stations in Quebec and Ontario.

With 30 years of experience developing, financing, designing, building, and operating sustainable infrastructures, AXOR respects the environment and local communities.

A leader in green energy, AXOR puts its environmental obligations at the heart of its activities to ensure that each project is ecologically sound.

Environmental responsibilities

When building or operating a hydroelectric plant, our activities are subject to federal and provincial regulations.

As ecosystem conditions (seasonal flows, water quality, fish habitats, etc.) differ for each site, different actions are required accordingly. Here are a few examples:

  • Transporting Atlantic salmon
    As part of the collective effort to restore Atlantic salmon populations in Canada, AXOR has developed and designed a fish lift to transport Atlantic salmon upstream of a natural obstacle (a waterfall) to a suitable spawning habitat.
  • Egg stocking
    In an effort to preserve declining species and to support the Atlantic salmon run program, stocking is done periodically. Eggs are incubated at the powerhouse, and once hatched in mid-June, fry are released upstream of the powerhouse.
  • Creating
    Spawning habitats (Atlantic salmon, brook trout, and walleye) have been created in specific locations to promote biodiversity. Artificial islands were built in the forebay of certain sites to create wetlands and bird habitats.
  • Revegetation and bank stabilization
    Our revegetation efforts (planting trees and shrubs, hydroseeding, and transplanting) help protect and stabilize the wetlands and shoreline at certain sites and on the artificial islands.
  • Environmental monitoring
    Our projects are monitored for periods of 5 to 10 years as per the environmental standards for each site.

Our hydroelectric plants


As a developer, investor, builder, and operator of bioenergy projects, we are at the forefront of research and development.

At AXOR, we harness our vision, creativity, and know-how to improve Canada’s energy supply by replacing fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our development activities focus on anaerobic digestion, second-generation renewable fuels, and gasification.

Investing in a sustainable future

Spurring growth of Canada’s green, circular, and sustainable economy is part of AXOR’s mission.

By recovering agricultural, food, and industrial waste, AXOR plays an active role in preventing waste and fighting climate change.

By developing and operating biomethane projects, AXOR invests in and works every day to make Canada carbon neutral by 2050.

Collection of manure from farms and other organic materials from the agri-food industry
Delivery to the biogas plant
Production of renewable natural gas (RNG) and digestate as fertilizing residual material (FRM)
Distribution of natural gas
Return to the farms for spreading

Wind energy

The development of wind energy is needed for Canada’s energy transition. However, producing this 100% natural, renewable, and sustainable energy requires a high level of expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and excellent knowledge in terms of design, construction, and operation.

At AXOR, we are leading the way in wind energy in Canada!

Builder of Canada’s first large-scale wind farm, le Nordais, AXOR continues to invest in the wind industry at several sites in Western Canada where it holds exploration permits.

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AXOR relies on partnerships to stimulate the growth of wind energy.

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