Real estate

Every day, we strive to build the perfect structures for people and their activities.

Whether it’s for a specific use or for a commercial or industrial space,
AXOR adjusts to the real needs of each project.

Due to our diversified assets,

we offer the best in engineering in the form of cutting-edge solutions.

We are a committed partner

that assumes the financial risks associated with innovation.

Thanks to our unique flexibility,

we build lasting relationships with our partners, suppliers, and clients.

Dare to dream with AXOR!

AXOR makes your dreams of grandeur come true!

  • Real estate
    AXOR develops and finances innovative turnkey solutions tailored to the specificities of its multifunctional projects.
  • Owner
    AXOR has developed considerable expertise through owning a substantial property portfolio in Quebec.
  • Property
    AXOR is a dependable and committed partner that listens and adapts to the needs of its clients.
  • Property
    AXOR also offers reliable and professional maintenance services to secure winning and lasting relationships with clients and partners.

Our projects

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