Renewable Energy | Wind Power

Le Nordais Wind Farm


Cap-Chat & Matane, Gaspésie Region, Quebec

Date of Commissioning


Installed Power

98 MW

Management, financing, design, construction, and operation; development of the first large‑scale wind farm in Canada (MICON 1800 wind turbines (76 in Cap‑Chat and 57 in Matane, 133 turbines, 100 MW of installed capacity); pre‑feasibility and feasibility studies, environmental impact study, choice of site layout, layout optimization, preliminary design, assessment of required infrastructure, authorizations and permit obtainment, automated energy production control systems, meteorological towers, communication systems, 24.5 kV network and two 230 kV substations, commissioning and operation during the first 10 years of its existence.

Wind energy is already well exploited in Quebec, as evidenced by this wind farm, a model for the industry, that AXOR has built and operated for several years.

A solution for the future, this green energy produced with the utmost respect of the Gaspésie environment is sold to Hydro‑Québec. It’s a solution for the future.

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