AXOR assists in the realization of large-scale public and private infrastructure projects. These projects have become part of the urban landscape.

Whether working on university, industrial, hospital, or health care complexes, or even transportation or urban infrastructures, AXOR is a visionary partner that adapts to the specific needs of each project. Our unique expertise improves community life.

AXOR is proud to bring its unique expertise to the heart of people’s lives!

Our expertise provides added value

Our sectors of activity

  • Public works and civil engineering
    Municipal infrastructures, water production facilities, treatment plants, dams, hydroelectric plants, airports, etc.
  • Health
    Hospitals (Shriners, Quebec City, Montreal General, MUHC Research Institute, etc.), integrated university health and social services centres (CIUSSs), integrated health and social services centres (CISSSs), clinics, etc.
  • Education and research
    University buildings, research institutes, schools, colleges, school services centres, student residences, etc.
  • Institutional and administrative
    Cross-border terminals (ADM), hotels (Marriott Hotel), office buildings and towers, embassies, fire stations, police stations, public markets (Jean-Talon Market), railway stations (Windsor Station), etc.
  • Sports and culture
    Theatres (Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, Monument-National, etc.), sports stadiums (Jarry, Percival-Molson), sports complexes, arenas, performance halls, libraries, community centres, etc.
  • Industrial
    Distribution, assembly, maintenance, completion, and service centres, treatment plants, ports (Port de Sept-Îles), etc.
  • Military
    Maintenance and military depot centres, warehouses, training centres, cafeterias, buildings, etc.

Our projects

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